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Figure & Design

Currently, Ledger Nano S  is one of hardware wallets and its popularity is quite high in the hardware wallet market. Although its design is simple as USB Thumbdrive, but in term of worthiness, in my opinion  it is remarkable product. Ledger is a hardware wallet manufacturer which has been high level of reputation for a long time. Because of its price is quite reasonable, not overvalued. In term of its performance, it looks very good with comprehensive functions, with OLED display screen showing in single row and 2 buttons on the left and right. Ledger logo is screened in the front and vires in numeris” which means “Strength in numbers” is also screened in the back

In my opinion , the design of Ledger Nano S  is quite simple, not outstanding because of its similarity to USB Thumbdrive. However, its design is portable but small display screen. The buttons is quite easy user to press because they are not embedded in the hardware like Trezor

Product Package

Fundamentally, the main target of this product is for the user who concern about the security for storing digital currency. User expectation to hardware wallet is to receive the genuine product from manufacturer is one of the key issue that every manufacturers have to concern. That’s why Ledger, the company has different way to do the product packaging. Generally, other hardware wallet manufacturer always use a  “Temper Proof Lable Stricker” which is hard to counterfeit. It will be attracted at entry side of the package in order to confirm when anyone attempt to open the packet and install malicious firmwares, so that it is clearly noticeable for user. In another way, Ledger do not use this sticker way of protection, the package is just a normal plastic cover but what Ledger uses is device’s software to detect and proof the integrity whether the firmware has been  exploited or modified. This is the reason that can confirm whoever decide to choose Ledger will not get any effects , even though there is no sticker attracted ( Temper Proof Lable Stricker)


Inside the package  consist of this following


  1. Ledger Nano S Wallet
  2. Micro USB Cable
  3. Connector
  4. Neck strap
  5. Cable for keychain
  6. Getting Started and Product Manual
  7. Paper for Recovery Phase


Instruction – How to Use

2561-07-16 เวลา 22.30.13

Ledger Nano S is designed to operate through Google Chrome Browser which user can download the applications at app according to user’s objective


  • Ledger wallet Bitcoin for Bitcoin and Alt Coin management
  • Ledger wallet Ethereum for Ethereal and Token management
  • Ledger Manager for the software installation and firmware update


Initial Setting


When user start to operate the Ledger, first setting is a very important step because, it is a step for backing up recovery seed or recovery phase. In case of wallet is unworkable or lost, user can restore what has been stored in the wallet  from that recovery seed / phase. When installation completed, user can access to wallet through Google Chrome instantly by open Ledger Bitcoin Wallet application on Google Chrome and then connect Ledger Nano S with PC and enter the password and select application on Ledger Nano S again. When application on Google Chrome and Ledger are both opened simultaneously, application of wallet will automatically sync the information in order to update current wallet transaction.

2561-07-13 เวลา 22.43.04

Appearance of application looks clean and simple. Top menu has 4  command button


  1. Account – An information about balance and all of send and receive transactions and also show current value according to user’s currency setting
  2. Send – Use for sending Bitcoin, user  can choose level of fee according to urgency of user, fee High / Medium / Low / moreover , the fee can be set as custom
  3. Receive – Use for generating address and QR code of wallet. In case,  user who is a receiver, QR code also can be printable 2561-07-13-เวลา-22.43.04-3578479713-1531752173947.png
  4. Setting – Setting for display of digital currency. Thai baht is supported to display as well


Instruction of Fido U2F (Universal Second Factor) or  2FA (Two Factor Authentication)


Fido U2F is  open standard authentication which is initially developed by Yobico and Google but, lastly they established Fido Alliance as supported organisation. In my view, providing  U2F authentication is considered as very useful feature because authentication by hardware is safer than Google authenticator by Token with Google Authenticator



  1. Go to Ledger Manager to install an application and then install Fido U2F2018-07-16-3
  2. Check the result of installation. User will see App Fido which has been installed in ledger as figure below
  3. Setting Facebook for applying U2F by go to Facebook > Setting > Security an Login2018-07-16-4.png
  4. Select the menu “Use Two-factor authentication” as figure below
  5. Select “Edit” and then enter security key to complete Fido U2F installation


  1. Recheck 2FA whether it shows on or off, if it shows off, change to on and then select confirm from Ledger Nano S to complete the setting process


Ledger Nano S’s  Specification


  • MCU ( Main Control Unit ) or main circuit is main controller  that integratedly command with other components
  • SE (Secure Element) is ship controlling wallet security and also be a component that contain command set
  • Button is button for menu shifting and confirmation of user command by pressing. There are 2 buttons for shifting menu up and down. Also, pressing  these 2 buttons simultaneously to confirm the order
  • OLED is a display screen for display information  to user
  • USB Host is for connecting USB cable with computer


Size and Weight

  • Width 18mm
  • Length 98mm
  • Thickness 9mm
  • Weight 16.2 gm


Supported Operating System


Conclusion (Personal opinion)



  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable buttons
  • The design is not drawing attention, safer in public area.
  • Price is reasonable and worthy
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency
  • Large customer based,  and easy to find supported information
  • Easy to purchase
  • Experienced company – established since 2011
  • Lots of  premium with the purchase


  • Small display screen and small front
  • Simple Design
  • Low memory , user need to swap  the application in case user want to store many currencies
  • No temper proof seal
  • Low quality of product’s material, not enduring


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