Around the middle of 2017 is the beginning of my new journey in crypto space. My friend posted image of income generated from mining crypto by GPU in his house, that I have just realize it is real. There is a lot of questions in my head. What is Blockchain? Why do we use Blockchain. How to get my coins? Can we create coin from air?

After that, I have begun to intently research about Blockchain and assess the risk for investment. To mitigate risk I have tried mining because if the coin that I get no value. I still have a GPU. This risk I have accepted. So I have begun to mine Zcash (Zec) with a GPU from my workstation in my house. I have begun to understand the principle and foundation of Blockchain. I have begun to understand how to get reward from ecocystem. So I realized that the future of Blockchain. This is to make the world change, it will be a new asset class in the digital world. Even I am are conservative investor, but I do not hesitate to invest it because I know what this technology is. What are the benefits of people?

I does not know who has read my article, but I know that people who have read this article are those who see the future of the new asset class. I will bring my experience, philosophy, attitude to present in my style to give you the most benefit. I have not been successful in new asset class investment. But I am a strong believer.  Let’s learn how to get achievement together.


Bit Investment